More Sunshine, More Wine!


Spring has arrived in Edinburgh and we spent every moment of the Easter weekend soaking it up. Our spot of choice – The Magnum on Albany Street. The few tables available on the street outside are an amazing sun-trap, and we were lucky to snap one up for lunch.

The Magnum is a great little New Town pub and the menu is slightly fancier than you might expect from a such a relaxed venue. It’s also great value for money with 3 courses coming in at £14.95 – lunch or dinner.

To kick start the afternoon we tucked into a bottle of Chocolate Box wine (actually ordered by accident and slightly more expensive than we bargained for, but very enjoyable none the less) and ordered our starters.



I opted for the courgette and smoked cheddar frittata, served with saffron yogurt and cherry tomatoes. I could take or leave the frittata if I’m honest, but Mr F&P’s smoked salmon bruschetta was absolutely delicious and with the sun beating down we could dream we were sitting somewhere in along the Almafi Coast, enjoying up some real Italian cooking!



More sunshine, more wine, and onto our mains which included a perfectly poached fillet of coley served with a raisin puree on a bed of roast potatoes and green beans. The seasoning was just right, and the potatoes were booked in a indulgent amount of garlic and salt, making them extremely moorish.



Our table also ordered a plate of fish and chips, one of the more traditional pub dishes on the menu, and it was enjoyed every bit as much as the poached coley.

Dessert did not disappoint. Two scoops of ice cream were just what I felt in the mood for on such a sunny afternoon. One vanilla and one butterscotch and caramel, it was a bit of a race to eat them before they melted – but of course I had help. I’m pleased to say we devoured the ice cream and won.



The cranachan cheesecake was oaty and creamy with a good biscuit base, but the most interesting dessert by far was the butternut squash tart with blood orange sobert. A really colourful and different pudding which went down a treat.



Roughly four and bit hours later, with full bellies, slightly red foreheads and odd sunglass marks, the sun finally crept behind the New Town buildings and we scampered across to Spit/Fire, a new pub across the road from The Magnum which is definitely worth a visit. The rotisserie menu upstairs looked incredible, and the plates coming out from the kitchen smelt even better – another place to explore next time the sun comes out to play.

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Sundae Post

A dry January. Saving money. Being sensible… SNORE. Lots of people are keen to give up alcohol in January, and as long as I have a suitable replacement, I can maaaybe get on board with the idea. How about swapping evening drinks for ice cream? Seems sensible to me…for now.

Nardini’s in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh, is the perfect place to do this. Open until late, the old school ice cream parlour has over 20 different sundaes to choose from, hot and cold, so it definitely gets my January blues vote. The cake department isn’t bad either; bakewell tarts, chocolate brownies, and apple slices are also on the menu alongside teas coffees and hot chocolates.


We chose to sit in to enjoy our non alcoholic, ice cream treat, but if you are taking away, the colours and flavours of ice cream are mesmerising. I’ve no idea what “smurf” (top left, second from end) tastes like, but I’ll definitely being going back to find out.

At the moment I can only vouch for the classic banana split (which I didn’t actually split with anyone, despite it being enormous :s). What’s in it? Double vanilla ice cream, belgium chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate fudge sauce and a banana. Simple, but effective! The ice cream was so creamy and flavoursome it made me wish I’d been more adventurous with my choice, the hot fudge sauce was plentiful (underneath the ice cream) and the presentation was  both classic and fun. I should mention I’m a stickler for cocktail umbrellas and the like.


We weren’t the only ones with the idea to head to Nardini’s. The cafe was full of other Edinburgh dwellers deciding which flavours to try, sharing their sundaes and having a PG rated night out!

So, the final verdict…it’s not exactly a glass of a prosecco, and it’s probably more expensive than one (around £7 for my sundae), but I think, at least for the month of January, I could enjoy a good gossip with the girls over a banana split ALMOST as much as I could over a glass of fizz.