Brunch at Gusto, Edinburgh

If you read my blog or my Instagram you’ll know I take brunch pretty seriously. I am obbessed with anything served with avocado, I love eggs all ways and would choose breakfast over lunch every time.

When Gusto, on George Street, launched their brunch menu a month or so ago, complete with a new smoothie and cocktail menu, I was delighted to pop along and check it out along with one of my best girlfriends.  Continue reading “Brunch at Gusto, Edinburgh”

Brunching Around Town


Brunching at Urban Angel
Brunching at Urban Angel

Breakfast is, without a doubt, one of my favourite meals of the day.  The reason? It’s totally ok to have sweet and savoury items one after the other, and you can happily have at least two or three different plates. Turning breakfast it into a whole morning sliding into the afternoon activity called brunch is genius. I’m in.

Edinburgh has lots of great places to brunch and Urban Angel on Hanover Street is one of my favourites. It’s always mobbed at the weekends, but if you are happy to wait at the seating area by the entrance, you can usually nab a table in no more than 15minutes. Luckily today we strolled right in.

Decor inside Urban Angel
Decor inside Urban Angel

The lay-out is cosy and the cafe has a country kitchen feel. Lots of chunky wood panelling. Two rooms feed off the central corridor. In both there are enough tables for the place to be full and buzzing but not squashed, i.e. you feel like you are brunching with your chosen companion, not the table next to you as well!

The brunch menu runs 9am-5pm and has all the usual suspects on it. Everything from granola and yoghurt to eggs (almost any way you want) and breakfast rolls. For me, brunch is either French toast with bacon and maple syrup or eggs, and today I chose the latter. Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon. The hollandaise sauce was sharp and tangy and in my eyes went perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon. The eggs were cooked to perfection, runny in the middle, and served on two lightly toasted muffins.

Urban Angel's eggs benedict with crispy bacon - yum!
Urban Angel’s eggs benedict with crispy bacon – yum!

Along with my eggs I ordered a pot of earl grey tea. I am too lazy at home to tea leaves so I always really enjoy a proper pot of tea. My Mum (the aforementioned companion) enjoyed an absolutely enormous fruit scone which, I can verify from tasting, was also delicious.

Urban Angel's fruit scone with butter and jam
Urban Angel’s fruit scone with butter and jam


In my eyes brunch should never take less than 1 and a half hours, maybe even 2! Today we chatted and brunched for the best part of two hours, completely unaware of the time, and not once were we asked to move on. For somewhere so busy that’s got to be great customer service, especially on a Saturday. So if you are reading this on Saturday I seriously recommend heading for a lazy Sunday brunch tomorrow. I know I’ll be back… is twice in one weekend too much?!