Brunch at Gusto, Edinburgh

If you read my blog or my Instagram you’ll know I take brunch pretty seriously. I am obbessed with anything served with avocado, I love eggs all ways and would choose breakfast over lunch every time.

When Gusto, on George Street, launched their brunch menu a month or so ago, complete with a new smoothie and cocktail menu, I was delighted to pop along and check it out along with one of my best girlfriends.  Continue reading “Brunch at Gusto, Edinburgh”

Travel Essentials

I love packing. Whether it’s for a short UK mini break or a two week holiday abroad, I love getting organised for a good journey somewhere.

Everything from podcast obsessions to moisture keeping make-up and cosy ponchos, here are my travel essentials.  Continue reading “Travel Essentials”

The key to a good night’s sleep

When I sleep I have big, vivid dreams. Sometimes happy and exciting, other times dark and scary, but always full of different ideas, places and faces. Sometimes they can feel so real it takes me a moment when I wake up to remember I was dreaming.

I really value a good night’s sleep. I’m not someone who can exist on a few hours here and there, I need to go all in for a deep sleep, to give my body and mind time to rest and recuperate. When I struggle to get to sleep, or wake up in the morning after a night of tossing and turning, it really affects me, and I can usually pin point what’s caused it.  Continue reading “The key to a good night’s sleep”

Jamie’s Italian, Edinburgh

I don’t often choose to go out for Italian food as we eat a lot of it at home. I adore making pastas and risottos and our freezer is always stocked with a good, homemade bolognese sauce (check out my tried & tested sauce recipe.) I have even delved into the world of homemade pizzas… I’ll admit that with one is with varying degrees of success. Continue reading “Jamie’s Italian, Edinburgh”

Stockbridge: The Best Place to Live

Stockbridge has been named the ‘Best Place to Live in Scotland’ in the recent Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide. This won’t be news to locals, but for those of you who are just discovering this cute pocket of Edinburgh, where should you hang out? I’ve pulled together a rundown of my favourite places to eat, drink, shop and generally mosey around in Stockbridge… Continue reading “Stockbridge: The Best Place to Live”

The Digital Detox

Thanks to iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets we are always switched on. Outside working hours we find ourselves keeping tabs on emails, logging on at home and sending the odd email reply at the weekend.

Then there is social media.
Continue reading “The Digital Detox”

Arzak, San Sebastián

San Sebastian view from funicularAt the end of October last year we spent 7 glorious days eating and drinking our way around San Sebastián in the North of Spain.

Continue reading “Arzak, San Sebastián”

A Foodie’s Guide to The Open, St Andrews

All eyes are on St Andrews this week as The 144th Open Championship gets underway. It is an honour to welcome the Championship back to St Andrews for 29th time, and through doing so an equally exciting opportunity presents itself to local businesses, especially those in the food and drink sector. Continue reading “A Foodie’s Guide to The Open, St Andrews”