Stockbridge: The Best Place to Live

Stockbridge has been named the ‘Best Place to Live in Scotland’ in the recent Sunday Times Best Places to Live Guide. This won’t be news to locals, but for those of you who are just discovering this cute pocket of Edinburgh, where should you hang out? I’ve pulled together a rundown of my favourite places to eat, drink, shop and generally mosey around in Stockbridge… Continue reading “Stockbridge: The Best Place to Live”

Sticky Tuna with Rice Noodles, Stir Fry Vegetables & Avocado

This delicious recipe of Sticky Tuna with Rice Noodles, Stir Fry Vegetables & Avocado makes for a really quick and easy lunch. It’s so simple – you can make this healthy bowl of goodness in under 10 minutes. Prepare it the night before and enjoy it cold at your desk. No fuss, just an amazing lunch to keep you going.
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My Gut Feeling on Fermented Food

Last year I heard the Hemsley sisters speak at their book signing in Edinburgh. They were promoting their  cookbook, Good + Simple. ‘Cooking with love, for someone you love’ was a phrase they used a lot. Their way of eating and living doesn’t cut out ‘all the good stuff’, as many healthy eating regimes demand. They are all about natural, organic, fresh home cooking. You don’t need to be paleo, or even vegetarian, to enjoy their ethos and get stuck in to their recipes. Continue reading “My Gut Feeling on Fermented Food”

Arzak, San Sebastián

San Sebastian view from funicularAt the end of October last year we spent 7 glorious days eating and drinking our way around San Sebastián in the North of Spain.

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The Fluffiest American Pancakes

The hunt has been on going to find the fluffiest American pancakes out there. After many weekends, usually Sunday mornings, of trial and error, making stacks upon stacks of fat pancakes of varying success, I can finally put down the recipes books. I have found the recipe for the lightest, fluffiest most joyful pancakes out there. Continue reading “The Fluffiest American Pancakes”

Seafood Laksa

This is a really colourful and easy mid-week supper. Using seafood, as opposed to chicken or pork, makes this dish really quick to whip up, and the recipe below makes enough for about 3-4 people, so you can enjoy it two nights in a row or for lunch the following day. If you don’t like a lot of spice, simply reduce the amount of red chilli you add, the flavour will still be there. Continue reading “Seafood Laksa”

The Best Christmas Dinner Ever?

Just 15 days ’til Christmas and I have, so far, read a gazillion party canapés recipes, googled the ‘best bread sauce’ three if not four times, and I am now desperately trying to gleam as many tips as I can on how to cook the perfect roast turkey. Don’t even get me started on which flavour of stuffing I should choose… Continue reading “The Best Christmas Dinner Ever?”

Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon

We are currently awaiting a new fridge freezer and thus eating our way through the old one. This recipe is a really quick and easy soup for the winter months ahead, and will make short work of a bag of frozen peas! Continue reading “Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon”

Serrano Manchego

Stepping into Serrano Manchego is like being transported to a proper little, bustling, Spanish tapas bar. For starters, you certainly don’t feel like you are half way down Leith Walk in Edinburgh, and on a Friday night, by the time we left the place was rammed with a total mix of people. Continue reading “Serrano Manchego”