#whatthefizz – Hello Autumn!

Does anyone else breathe a sigh of relief as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe rolls out of town? Not because it wasn’t fun. This year I went to more shows than ever before (take a read about those here), and I fully embraced the festival tents. But come the end of August, I was ready for the city to return to normal. I’m enjoying being able to book my favourite restaurants, to wait no longer than five minutes at the bar, and most importantly, I’m enjoying walking about the city in peace.

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#whatthefizz – festival fun

August has arrived, which means… pouring rain and soggy festival posters. Yes, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe begins this week, and by way of a warm, Scottish welcome, summer has decided to unleash torrential rain, five times a day, followed by bursts of glorious sunshine and whipping winds. The festival is here and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Food at the Fringe

There is so much to do at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You could spend the entire month of August attending shows and discovering weird and wonderful venues and not even have scratched the surface. What is essential though, is making sure you stay well fed and watered. So, whether it’s planned dinner with friends after a show, or a quick bite to eat in-between rushing from one venue to another, here’s the low down on where to eat and drink this August…  Continue reading “Food at the Fringe”

Summer Staples

Last weekend I had the locks I’d be growing since before my wedding (how is that two years ago!) all chopped off. Or rather, I had the lovely team at Dickson Reid chop it all off. I returned to my platinum blonde roots (well, I feel like I’m a natural platinum blonde, even if my roots suggest otherwise) and I opted for a new, shorter style, just in time for summer. Continue reading “Summer Staples”