#whatthefizz – bedding in for autumn

This week I packed away my linen shirts, debated whether or not my toms will live to fight another summer (they will, just) and polished up my chelsea boots. Autumn, I’m ready.

I’ll be blunt, I’ve no interest in an ‘Indian Summer’, not because I don’t love a little late summer warmth, I really do, but more because there’s so much to look forward to this autumn. And let’s be honest, we’ve had a good run.

What I’m watching

  • Whilst you, me and the rest of the nation are gripped by The Bodyguard on BBC (I’ve loved reading all the conspiracy theories), The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair started on Sky Witness, and it looks like it’s going to be a goodie.
  • And just as you’re enjoying seeing Patrick Dempsey back on screen, another Grey’s Anatomy star is about to come back to life in Killing Eve. Sandra Oh (Grey’s Christina) plays an MI5 agent, sharing the screen with Russian assassin Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer who you’ll recognise from Doctor Foster. The American’s have been obsessed for months, and now it’s our turn.
  • And (just as my husband reminds me) it’s important to have a balance of cheery things to watch too. With that in mind, turn your attention to Like Father on Netflix. with Kirsten Bell & Kelsy Grammer. It’s so easy to watch, with gently amusing characters and just the right amount of silliness as the end of a long week. You won’t remember to recommend it to a friend, or will likely be too embarrassed to. And of course there’s the joy of Bake Off.

What I’m eating

  • Cheese fondue. A wedding gift from friends, who must want us to end our days very fat, but very happy. Is there anything that doesn’t take great covered in cheese, especially when you’re sharing it with friends? I think not. We started with a three cheese recipe… where to go next?
  • Homemade gyozas. Fun and easy to made, just mix all purpose flour, water and a pinch of salt. Nead until smooth, shape into 5cm balls and roll out into circles, as thin as you can. I filled them with a blitzed mixed of prawns, ginger & soy. Steam for 5 mins. You can buy gyoza wrappers too.
  • Guilty for putting cream and butter through everything, last week for my vegan friend, I swapped both ingredients for an avocado sauce, making a courgette & lemon pasta just as silky, and perhaps a little bit healthier.

What I’m browsing

  • Desperately waiting for the Warehouse leopard print shirt dress to come back in stock. I don’t even know who Lucy Williams is, but I’m obsessed.
  • Not usually one to sport a headband, after falling in love with a beautiful turquoise ‘Adele’ headband (no longer in stock) earlier this year, I can’t get enough of Anthro’s bejewelled selectionThis one comes in a more colours than there are days of the week, and will be perfect for dressing up a weekend autumn outfit.
  • After reading about Stan Smith in last week’s Sunday Times, I’m wondering if my New Look sneaks (a bargain at £16.99) should be upgraded to a classic pair of Stan Smiths?

What I’m listening to, reading and planning


  • This week tickets went on sale for the Year of Young People Tourism Conference, which I’m organising as part of my role on the Women in Tourism Board. We’ve got such an exciting line-up of speakers, covering off topics such as leadership, mentoring and social media. It’s going to be a brilliant and inspiring day. If you’re working in the tourism sector, or want to make tracks into it, please join us!
  • Three episodes in to ‘Guy Raz How I Built This’ and I’m hooked – a recommendation from Kelly, my equally curious marketing friend. Perfect for anyone with a day dream of one day having their own business, or to get to know more about the brands you love.
  • I’ve borrowed ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century‘ by Yuval Harare from my Dad – a fan of a meaty book I was little worried this one would be over my head, but I was mistaken. Harare looks at the state of where we are now, and what the future holds, observing our careers, our lifestyles and our motivations as he goes.

The shows Netflix is hiding from you…

Whilst on holiday with friends last week, it became apparent we had the same, painstaking Netflix routines: decide to watch something on Netflix, spend about an hour/ an hour and a half scrolling mindlessly through programmes and movies, realise your allotted programme/movie watching time is up, head to bed, annoyed.

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Scam… or No Scam?

A few months ago, I was involved in a project run by Royal Bank of Scotland to raise awareness of online security, and to highlight how to keep your personal information safe online. As someone who spends 90% of my day online – whether that’s at work, on my blog, or in social messaging apps, I was under the illusion I was much more clued up when it came to protecting my personal online information than I really am. Continue reading “Scam… or No Scam?”

#whatthefizz – the Christmas edit

The time has come to put up an outrageously large tree, and get on top of my Christmas shopping! When I say get on top of, I mean start… luckily it’s not exactly a hard task, especially when there are so many lovely independent shops and boutiques to support, both in Edinburgh and online. Here’s my pick of the best places to fill your stockings… Continue reading “#whatthefizz – the Christmas edit”

A Local’s Guide to Winter in Edinburgh

When people think of Edinburgh they often think of summertime. The all consuming, sprawling festival tents. The royal mile bursting with culture vultures and street entertainers. The late nights spent drinking novelty spirits in pop-up bars – always with a free pair of sunglasses, slightly askew.

Fast forward a few months to the first crisp, winter’s day. Brilliant, steely blue skies. A light frost gently melting on New Town railings. Steam rising from basement cafes and twinkling lights outside The Dome. This is the Edinburgh we, the locals, have been waiting for. Continue reading “A Local’s Guide to Winter in Edinburgh”

#whatthefizz – Hello Autumn!

Does anyone else breathe a sigh of relief as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe rolls out of town? Not because it wasn’t fun. This year I went to more shows than ever before (take a read about those here), and I fully embraced the festival tents. But come the end of August, I was ready for the city to return to normal. I’m enjoying being able to book my favourite restaurants, to wait no longer than five minutes at the bar, and most importantly, I’m enjoying walking about the city in peace.

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