Scotts Kitchen, Edinburgh

When I first moved to Edinburgh the different street levels across the city amazed me. For a long time I wondered how to people got up onto that mezzanine street above Victoria Street in the Grassmarket.


Having the directional skills of a gnat meant that rather than looking at a map and figuring it out, I simply continued to wonder. In the summer months, I’d look up and see people sitting at cafes, enjoying drinks outside and think, wow, what a cool, little street.

Fast forward eight years and I finally made it up there! Well, not quite, I have ventured up there before now, but honestly, nothing really tickled my fancy until I was asked to try out Scotts Kitchen last weekend.

If you follow me on social media or read my blog you’ll know I ADORE breakfast. It’s easily my favourite meal of the day and I take brunching as seriously as gym bunnies take their CrossFit regimes. In my mind there are few things more enjoyable than meeting friends, tucking into pancakes, eggs and fry-ups and chatting. That’s exactly what Ruth and I did last Sunday.


At 11am on Sunday, Scott’s Kitchen was a little oasis of calm, tucked away, above one of the most photographed streets in Edinburgh. It belongs to the well established Howies Restaurant group, and whilst it takes on a new cafe-style brand, keeps the same simple ethos – freshly prepared dishes using locally sourced ingredients. The interiors have a trendy, farmhouse feel, and it’s easy to forget you are smack in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town.


The lunch menus where on offer, but we were there for brunch, so stuck to the breakfast menu. Despite swithering over a breakfast bap – much to my husband’s dismay I absolutely love lorne sausage (that’s a square sausage if you’re not Scottish) with a fried egg AND a potato scone on a breakfast roll – I opted for two poached eggs with avocado, and a pot of earl grey tea. An oldie, but a goodie. My newly pronounced vegan friend went for the Scott’s Veggie Breakfast, swapping out the veggie haggis and the egg for some avocado – as Ruth says, brunch wouldn’t be brunch without some avocado.

By the time our orders arrived the place was buzzing. As we tucked in, and gazed outside, we both made a mental note to remember to come back with the sun is shining and enjoy the outdoor seating – there can’t be many other places better for people watching in the Grassmarket.

But back to the dishes in question. The eggs, as promised on the menu were perfectly poached, and the sourdough bread is the only thing that’s bought in – all the other scones and sweet treats and baked in house. That said, it’s from a local company au gourmand and was delicious. The avocado was nicely smashed and a drizzle of olive oil finished it off nicely. It’s a simple dish but weirdly not that easy to do well.


Over on the veggie/vegan front, Ruth loved the unusual addition of the bean stew, and everything was cooked to perfection. Her coffee was on point as well.


Scotts is also open for lunch and dinner, and if the breakfasts are anything to go by, we will both be back.

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