The shows Netflix is hiding from you…

Whilst on holiday with friends last week, it became apparent we had the same, painstaking Netflix routines: decide to watch something on Netflix, spend about an hour/ an hour and a half scrolling mindlessly through programmes and movies, realise your allotted programme/movie watching time is up, head to bed, annoyed.

The hours I have spent swiping through genres on Netflix (not a good use of my time I am aware, however we’ll address that another day) make me realise how much content is on there. Every so often I speak to a friend about a programme I’ve devoured, and they’ve never once had it thrown up as one of their suggestions. Likewise, I sometimes stumble upon shows that have been online for months, and I’ve never before come across them.

We all know about The Crown, and the entire boxset of friends, but what about the other gazillion shows and movies? In an effort to help you find some of the great stuff Netflix’s algorhythm is hiding from you, here’s a few things I’ve been watching…

Chef’s Table

With three series available, you’ve lots of watching to do. Each episode following a famous Chef, and delves into who they are, and what they are about.
When should you watch it: Saturday night, when you’ve time to watch a few in a row – they are addictive

The Good Place

You need to give this comedy a few episodes, to let you ease into the weird and totally wacky nature of the plot. Kirsten Bell is brilliant as Eleanor Shellstrop, a mere mortal who finds herself in the afterlife. Ted Danson is also fantastic.
When should you watch it: For lighthearted, silly escapism


You can see the foodie theme – Bradley Cooper stars as a disgraced top chef who’s looking for a way back into the business.
When should you watch it: Sunday afternoon, maybe whilst prepping dinner.


Glenn Close and Rose Bryne go head to head in this gritty, gripping legal drama. Fans of The Good Wife will love it. Plus, you’ll see Marissa’s Dad from the OC – what’s not to like!
When should you watch it: anytime. It’s amazing.

Friends from College

The perfect mix of Friends, The Big Band Theory and New Girl. Funny, quirky, and easy watching with only 20-30mins per episode. The characters are likable, and there are some good outfits to watch. I am eagerly awaiting a second series, but the terrible reviews online make me think that might not happen.
When should you watch it: When you’re in need of a pick me up, or on a short flight.


A look into the food manufacturing industry and how it’s controlling the way we live. I’ve only watched couple episodes but the bee industry and rise of allergens was really fascinating.
When should you watch it: Mid-week evenings, when you’re in the mood for an investigative documentary

The Words

So few people I speak to have seen this film, and it makes me sad for Bradley Cooper (not too sad though, he’s doing ok). He stars as a struggling author who comes across an unpublished work of art. The decisions he makes from there on in he meddles not just with his own tale, but a stranger’s as well.
When should you watch it: Prime time, Friday night viewing, get the popcorn out

The Age of Adeline

A sort of Time Traveller’s Wife/Benjamin Button theme, Adaline Bowman has remained a beauty at 29 for 80 years. She falls in love and realises she doesn’t want to hide her secret any longer.
When should you watch it: When you’re in the mood for a light-hearted, romantic tale.

Hunt for the Wilderpoeple

This is an absolute gem of a comedy, set in New Zealand. City boy and foster kid Ricky finds himself in the centre of a manhunt in the New Zealand wilderness as he sets off in search of home with his foster Uncle.
When should you watch it: When your in need of laughing so much your tummy hurts, just a little.


This must be the OC for the current generation of teenagers, and I can’t get enough of it. Teens are obviously much darker nowadays, as it gets quite dark. I believe it’s based on a comic book series (not necessary background knowledge as I only found this out after I’d watched it) All the classic American High School characters feature and now I think about it, it’s shot in a slightly grainy, comic book fashion.
When should you watch it: In company, as it’s quite scary!


Weird, quirky, slightly uncomfortable humour, fans of New Girl will enjoy this comedy. Admittedly the second series takes a dive, as Gus and Mickey, the show’s central characters, become intensely annoying. Living in LA, they are polar opposite whose worlds collide, and instead of walking away, they awkwardly try to make a relationship work.
When should you watch it: When you want some mindless viewing to help you switch off


You probably will have come across this one, but I thought I’d leave it on here anyway. Jessica Beil stars in this psychological thriller about an small town, American Mom who, seemingly without reason, murders a man on the beach. Her husband (the character who played Marni’s first boyfriend in Girls) is also excellent.
When should you watch it: for your next series binge.


Another box set for binging on, you’ll find all 7 series of Californication on Netflix. It follows the disastrous affairs of ironic and slightly depressive writer Hank Moody – Moulder from X-files, and his agent – Harry for Sex & the City. An unlikely combination, but they are brilliant together. Natascha McElhon is also gorgeous as Hank’s wife.
When you should watch it: Expect lots of partying, swearing and sex, so don’t watch it with your parents, it’s not far from polite.

The First Monday in May

This documentary follows Vogue Editor Anna Wintour as she prepares for the Met Gala Ball. It gives you an insight into the power she yields as one of the world’s most influential figures in fashion, and sheds a light on the sheer scale of the event.
When to watch it: if you’re looking for some style or career inspo.

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