#whatthefizz – Hello Winter!

It’s been a while since since my last #whatthefizz, but we’re following a seasonal theme. There’s a few winter TV recommendations in there, and a new restaurant to bookmark. Grab a cuppa/glass of wine/hot chocolate and read on…

What I’m listening to…

Little Pleasures Podcast


New to my podcast favourites list this month is Little Pleasures, hosted by Stylist Deputy Editor Susan Riley. She chats to notable women about life’s little pleasures, and as well as finding out a bit more about successful females such as June Sarpong and Chef Anna Jones, there’s little life and beauty hacks in there too. It’s fuzzy and easy-going, and at about 25 mins per episode, easy to slot in on a walk at lunchtime, or on your way home at the end of a long day. If nothing else, it’ll be 25 minutes where you are smiling and not thinking about whatever it is that stresses you out.

What I’m Watching…

Howards End


Two new TV programmes have caught my attention this month. Firstly, on BBC, Howards End started on Monday night. An 4 part adaption of the 1910 novel (full disclosure, this is one period drama I have not devoured!) the first episode was quaint, gentle and did a good job of setting the scene. We get to know the three leading female roles, the independent and lovable Schlegel sisters, Helen and Meg, and Mrs Wilcox. We learn how the two families came to meet, are giving limited info about a fleeting engagement between the eldest Wilcox brother and Helen, and start to see a friendship forming between Meg and Mrs Wilcox. It’s a slightly slow start, but the ‘next time’ credits at the end allude to a death, deceit and more romance brewing, so needless to say, I’ll be tuning in!

The Man in the High Castle

For a complete genre change, The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime is a historic, futuristic/make-believe drama. Set in the 60s, it explores what life might have looked like had Germany and Japan won the war. With America carved up between the Nazis and the Japanese, we start to see a rebellion rising, led by the so-called man in the high castle. It captures a dystopian post-war America with scary realism. Those who enjoyed A Handmaid’s Tale will like what this show is trying to achieve.



And also on Amazon Prime, I’ve started watching Goliath, staring Billy Bob Thornton. The series sees burnt-out lawyer, Billy McBride (Thornton), try to take on his old law-firm in a wrongful death suit. As the name of the series suggests, he’s very much the under-dog, and you will be rooting for him from the get-go, willing him to pull up his socks and get back to the former courtroom glory the other characters in the series know him for. Fans of Damages will enjoy this series!

Where I’ve been…

Lake Muskoka


In October I travelled with my family and friends to discover the Muskoka Lakes in Ontario, Canada. We were so incredibly lucky with the weather as we really got to see ‘Canada in the fall’. The colours on the trees were like nothing else I had seen before, and we spent a week snuggled up in a fabulous cabin on Lake Muskoka, kayaking in the lake (those know who me, know I’m not a natural outdoorsy person! First time out I was a bit wobbly but got the hang of it in the end), popping out to stroll around the nearby towns and even fitting in a little spa day for my Mum’s birthday. We caught the last day of the Bala Cranberry Festival, which despite the torrential rain, was a great, old-school, community fete. It was a wilderness real hide-away and one which I’ve already got a hankering to return to.


Where I plan on going…



Next week I’m heading to the opening of Vapiano, another addition to the thriving St Andrew Square development. What space is left there, I hear you wonder? I thought the same – it’s on South St David Street, next door to Tk Maxx. The franchise, which first opened in Hamburg in 2002, will open a Glasgow restaurant shortly after the Edinburgh opening. It describes itself as a relaxed and easy going eatery. Fresh pastas, pizzas and antipasti, all prepared in an open kitchen for you to see. The opening promises pizza, pasta and prosecco… all the best Ps.

And finally, a little plug for what I’ve been writing…

With Social Savvy in mind, I’ve written a little article for Edinburgh Gossip Girls on how to make social media marketing work for your business. Read it here.

Looking for more recommendations? Check out last month’s #whatthefizz or take a read of my Local’s Guide to Edinburgh.

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