A cinema trip, new shoes, cocktails and podcasts – this week’s #whatthefizz.

What I’m Watching

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh to watch a screening of Kevin Spacey’s latest move, Baby Driver. The event, run by Royal Bank of Scotland, was to raise awareness of online fraud – you can read more about that here. Back to the movie – not one I would usually choose to see, but I really enjoyed it. Funny, fast paced and an amazing soundtrack. In an interview on Radio 2, Jamie Foxx said the soundtrack was devised before the script was even written, and if you watch it you’ll realise how that’s possible. If you’ve never been to the Dominion in Morningside, it’s worth trying out. Leather sofas, little side tables for drinks and snacks give a much more luxurious cinema experience than usual.

What I’m Buying

air maxWhen I was little, trainers were always a summer holiday highlight for my brother and I. We’d go to the Nike outlet in Florida with our parents and raid the shelves, knowing we were allowed to choose a new pair of trainers to be worn in gym class and at tennis practice when we got home. As I grew up, I fell out of love with trainers, and my first trainer purchase as an adult was only one and half years ago. Since then, I have fallen completely and utter in love again with my trusty pair of blue Nikes. Sure, the “athelesuire” trend has helped, but as I snapped up a second, black pair of Air Max Theas last week, I was reminded of that childish excitement as I walked out the shop with a shiny, new pair of kicks. Next on my list, a pair of Mayflys.

Where I’m Hanging Out

Over the past month we’ve made more than a few trips to The Voyage of Buck, in Edinburgh’s west end, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite bars. The food and the cocktails are delicious, and not to mention completely instagramable. The cocktail list is conjured up from fictional travels of William ‘Buck’ Clarence, who the bar is named after, and each section pays homage to one of his favourite cities. Last weekend, with friends I tried the ‘Midnight In Paris’, served in a pretty decanter. With Belverdere vodka as the base, it’s a sweet, sharp and refreshing raspberry flavoured cocktail, perfect for sharing.

What I’m Listening To

Image credit: Bauer Media

Thanks to twitter, I’ve found another podcast series to devour, The Debrief. Described as a podcast on ‘how to adult’, the hosts, Tessa and Stevie, give you their take on a different topic each week. Friendship, loneliness, life hacks, sex, jobs – you name, it they discuss it. It’s a good listen for girls in their mid to late twenties, which I gather is the age bracket the hosts themselves are in. It’s easy-going, and at a times ridiculous, and a welcome addition to my drive home after work.

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