Time for sushi, new accessories and a 30th birthday trip – this week’s #whatthefizz.

Where I’m Eating

I’ve raved about Kenji Sushi on the blog before, but it’s so good it deserves another mention. It’s a tiny Japanese restaurant tucked away on St Stephens Street in Edinburgh. On Friday night, to kick-start a weekend of birthday celebrations for my husband, we went for a sushi feast (the only way to eat sushi!) after a couple of drinks in my favourite wine bar, Smith & Gertrude. Dinner highlights included the Mixed Seafood Tempura, prawns, calamari and salmon deep-fried in a batter so light it shattered like glass, and Mixed Tobiko Gunkan Sushi pieces which were stuffed with flying fish roe.


What I’m Growing

IMG_3556.jpgMy parents-in-law helped us fill two gorgeous window boxes, one full of flowers and another of herbs and salad leaves, and today was the first day I picked some lettuce to enjoy in a BLT. Such a novelty to be able to reach out the window and pick salad leaves! We’ve also got some lemon coriander, sage, thyme and parsley to sample soon. The boxes came from getpotted.com and have a self-watering system built-in, so hopefully even I can’t kill these gorgeous plants.

What I’m Buying


Can you believe this watch was just £10.99??? A steal from high street giant, New Look. I have been searching on etsy for quite some time for an inexpensive watch that is pretty enough to dress up alongside a stack of bracelets, but isn’t too sparkly for wearing everyday, but today the high street beat me to it.

Where I’m Going

Torridon Hotel
Image credit: facebook.com/TheTorridon

After quite some indecision, we have finally settled on where to celebrate my 30th birthday and booked the wonderful Torridon Hotel on the north-west coast of Scotland. I’ve already had some great day trip recommendations from friends, including a trip to sample the seafood chowder at Applecross Inn, and hotel’s 1887 tasting menu gets phenomenal feedback. There will be a blog post on it all, but consider this a little teaser.

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