I love a good recommendation. Whether it’s for a book, a tv show, a new clothing brand or a recipe, I’ll try them all. #whatthefizz is a new, weekly round-up of all the things I’m loving at the moment – books, food, podcasts or places to go, you’ll find it all here.

Where I’m… Staying

IMG_3208This week we are in Stavanger in Norway visiting friends and celebrating Norwegian Independence Day. On 17th May, almost everyone is given the day off work, and the country celebrates with parades, music and street festivals. We’ve had a few successful airbnb holidays, and our Stavanger apartment is another. The interiors are beautifully scandi, with gorgeous pastel prints matched effortlessly with geometric prints and fluffy pillows. I’m going home with LOTS of home interior inspiration.

What I’m… Reading

Paula Hawkins
Image: Amazon

At the airport this week I picked up Paula Hawkins new book, ‘Into the Water‘. I was a BIG fan of Gone Girl (despite being incredibly disappointed by the movie, but that’s often the case with incredibly good books!) I’m way through and it’s another can’t-put-it-down read.

What I’m… Looking forward to watching

Any fans of The Night Manager out there? Mark 15th June in your diaries, stock up on snacks and bed in for the weekend – The Riveria is coming to Sky Atlantic. Pitted to be 2017’s answer to The Night Manager, it stars Julia Stiles and the first trailer does not disappointed – action, money, crime, gorgeous outfits and plenty intrigue. It looks like we’ll be on the edge of our seats. The only challenge is not to watch all the episodes in one sitting.

What I’m… Listening To

Natwest Women in Business
Image: itunes

I never fast forward the adverts on podcasts, as that’s often where you’ll get good recommendations from. I was listening to Emma Gannon’s Clt Alt Delete podcast, and came across Natwest’s Women in Business podcast. Hosted by June Sarpong, it’s a six part series where she interviews a range of business women, and chat everything from how they got started, to social media and how to balance work and the rest of life. If you’re at all interested in how to run a business, start ups or just learning a bit more about different enterprises, this is the podcast for you.

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