Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon

We are currently awaiting a new fridge freezer and thus eating our way through the old one. This recipe is a really quick and easy soup for the winter months ahead, and will make short work of a bag of frozen peas!

Pea Soup

Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon


750g frozen peas
2 small red onions
2 garlic cloves
2 rashers of bacon
1 chicken stock cube


  • Slice your onions and garlic and sauté in a large pan for 5-10 minutes until they are soft.
  • Add in your frozen peas, and pour in a kettle full of boiling water – make sure your peas are a good inch underwater. Crumble in your stock cube and stir well.
  • Turn the heat down, pop the lid on, and leave to simmer for 20 minutes or so. Mid way through, make sure you taste and season with a little salt and pepper.
  • Leave to cool and liquidise until smooth. (Or not if you are in rush, but just be very careful as hot soup can splash about and burn!)
  • About 10 minutes before serving, slice your bacon rashers into small pieces and fry in a non-stick pan until crispy.
  • Plate up your soup and place bacon pieces on top straight from the frying pan – a dollop of creme fraîche or cream before the bacon is added would also be delicious.

Ideally enjoy your toasty bowl of soup with a lovely, fresh, crusty piece of a bread… or whatever else you’ve got in the freezer – we opted for salmon fishcakes, not a terrible combination, but not a match made in heaven. You can’t have it all!



2 thoughts on “Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon

  1. Sounds lovely, my favourite quick soup is very similar except I do bacon first and then blend it with the peas. It is nice with a few bits of crispy bacon on top as well though.

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