Christmas Wish List

Let me show you you exactly what inspired this blog post…

emma bridgewater catalogue

shellfish platter

I came home to find the Christmas Emma Bridgewater catalogue sitting on my kitchen table, just daring me delve in and start ordering online! This stunning platter was the first thing that caught my eye, isn’t it absolutely stunning?! I’m already finding an excuse for a party and planning the oodles of seafood treats that I could fill it with. Actually, who am I kidding, that platter deserves a party all to itself. There are also rather charming lunch plates with crabs and langoustines… I could really make room for the whole Shellfish collection.

So what else am I lusting this Christmas?

I am a little late to the courgette as pasta party, but I’ve made it here none the less and now I need a spiralIzer in my life.

Why do I want such a contraption? The idea is simple – you can tuck into bowl after bowl of yummy spaghetti bolognaise (one of my favourite winter dishes) without a moment of guilt as your pasta has been swapped for freshly cooked courgette spaghetti. Plus, come January, what better way to get back in shape after all the festive feasting we will be doing! Perhaps not the most glamorous looking of gifts, but I can assure you pasta lovers like myself wouldn’t be disappointed.

Next on my list is an old classic from Le Cresuet – a good quality, heavy, cast iron casserole dish that can go straight from the hob to the oven. One of these beautiful dishes will surely last a lifetime, and it is that thought that makes the price tag bearable. The question is which colour to choose?

Gifting with booze always goes down a treat, so make way for Edinburgh Gin’s new Christmas Gin. Buy this for friends and family and you will be treated like royalty when they find out it’s made with frankincense and myrrh. I also think this Gin would be delightful if you added a splash to a pot of mulled wine, or used it to make an little hot toddy after a blustery, winters walk.

Finally, I have slowly but surely started to build, what I hope one day, will be a wonderful collection of Anta goodies. At the moment I am incredibly lucky to own an Anta cube and our kitchen cupboards were recently filled with four beautiful Anderson Anta mugs.

If you ask me, the mugs are just crying out for friends in the shape of these bowls…

Hopefully this has given you some Christmas inspiration to get started with! I’ll continue to add to the list but in the meantime, happy shopping!

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