Giant Scotch Eggs

Scotch egg rolled and ready for the oven
Scotch egg rolled and ready for the oven

I love a scotch egg. The mini ones you get from M&S? Amazing! I also love that giant ones have come into fashion. They seem to be everywhere from butchers to farm shops and some come with really interesting alternatives to plain old sausage meat inside. If only they were better for you!

Last week my other half embarked on a giant scotch egg making session, and I must admit, the lack of recipe or instructions had me sceptical about the outcome…The idea came from left over beef meatballs. We had four left over, already seasoned and ready to be cooked. We decided that seemed a healthier alternative to sausage meat. So, what happened next?

1)      Boil a large egg, leave to cool and de-shell

2)      Lay a piece of clingfilm on your chopping board, and roll out your chosen meat filling. It should probably be rolled out to the same thickness as you would do for pastry, half a cm?I’ll admit I was next door at this point…

3)      Place the egg in the middle and use the clingfilm to wrap the meat round the egg, making sure it’s fully sealed

4)      Lay out three bowls, one with flour, one with a whisked egg, and a third with breadcrumbs (we had leftover wholemeal bread needing used so just whizzed it up in a blender)

5)      Cover your scotch egg in flour, egg and finally breadcrumbs (in that order)

6)      Place on a baking tray and pop in the oven for 20-25 mins (fan oven, 220)

And here’s the result…


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